Murray, SDOT propose new levy to fund Move Seattle effort

Seattle officials aim to replace a soon-to-expire levy with a larger one to fund the city's Move Seattle initiative. | Contributed photo
As part of Seattle Mayor Ed Murray’s Move Seattle vision, Murray and Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) Director Scott Kubly recently released a draft proposal for a new levy called the Transportation Levy to Move Seattle.

Move Seattle is Murray’s 10-year transportation vision that integrates SDOT’s plans for transit, walking, biking and freight. The basis of the program is to create a transportation system that contributes to a safe, interconnected, vibrant, affordable and innovative city.

The proposed $900 million levy would replace an existing levy that expires at the end of this year. The expiring levy, created in 2006, is a nine-year $365 million transportation levy known as Bridging the Gap. For the past eight years, this levy has provided almost 25 percent of SDOT’s funding.

The Transportation Levy to Move Seattle would be paid for through a property tax that would cost a median Seattle household approximately $275 per year for nine years. The expiring Bridging the Gap levy costs a median Seattle household approximately $130 per year.

Throughout March, SDOT sought public feedback on the draft Transportation Levy to Move Seattle proposal and will continue to do so throughout April.

In May, after considering public feedback, the mayor will submit the proposal to the Seattle City Council, which will need to submit the proposal to King County by early August for it to be on the ballot in November.