Andrew Puhala named new leader within Era Group

Andrew Puhala named new leader within Era Group. | Courtesy of Shutterstock
Era Group Inc., one of the top helicopter transportation operators located within the United States, recently chose Andrew Puhala as its new senior vice president and chief financial officer, an appointment by the company that will go into effect on Sept. 14, 2015.

Puhala has many years of experience in senior financial leadership positions, especially within the energy industry. His extensive background includes his previous position as the senior vice president and chief financial officer at American Electronic Technologies Inc. He held this position between Jan. 2013 and Sept. 2015.

While in leadership positions, Puhala was responsible for managing the company’s accounting and finance, human resources, investor relations, legal functions, information technology and administrative functions. In addition, he was the leader of the organization’s merger and acquisition initiatives.

Era Group is one of the world’s biggest helicopter operators. It is also the longest serving helicopter transport operator located within the United States. It provides services to customers within the U.S. as well as India, Brazil, Spain, Norway and the U.K. It offers helicopters and related services to all of its third-party helicopter operators and customers. The company’s helicopters are typically used for transporting personnel between drilling rigs, offshore installations and platforms.