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FMCSA issues advisory on TYTAL cargo tanks

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) issued a safety advisory this week to owners of cargo tank vehicles from Trailers Y Tanques De Aluminio (TYTAL). This advisory is specific to those vehicles capable of transporting 8,400, 8,717 and 10,500 gallons. It notes that these capacities do not have compliance with Federal Hazardous Materials Regulations. Read More »

FMCSA demands J and J Transportation shutdown

Leaders at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), a branch of the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT), recently ordered the J and J Transportation trucking company, also called John A. Robles (USDOT No. 2497430), be shut down. FMCSA has declared that the company is an imminent hazard to the safety of the public. The officials ordered it to stop all of its interstate and intrastate operations on Feb. 25. Read More »

Commercial trucks, buses to use electronic logging devices

The FMCSA accepted a Final Rule Thursday, requiring all commercial truck and bus industries to use electronic logging devices (ELDs). The purpose of the rule is to improve the safety of U.S. roadways. Using the new technology will help drivers comply with the specific hours-of-service regulations, preventing drivers from growing fatigued and compromising safety. Read More »

Proposed rule to enforce safety belts for large commercial truck passengers

Officials from the FMCSA proposed a rule to make all passengers of large commercial trucks buckle their safety belts. This Notice of Proposed Rulemaking would effectively eliminate the safety gap for passengers who are traveling in commercial motor vehicles that carry property. Commercial drivers have had to buckle their safety belts due to 49 CFR 392.16, which is a federal rule. Read More »

FMCSA releases 'final rule' about truck, bus driver coercion

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration published its Final Rule Friday to end coercion and protect both commercial truck drivers and bus drivers from being forced to break safety regulations. The Final Rule was published in the Federal Register. It gives the FMCSA the power to act against motor carriers, shippers, transportation intermediaries and receivers, if needed. Read More »

Improving truck and bus traffic law enforcement seen as key to safer roads

U.S. transportation leaders are beginning to take more active steps to strengthen truck and bus traffic enforcement in order to make safety a higher priority. Law enforcement trainers recently gathered at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s ( FMCSA) national Training Center for the initial offering of the Large Truck and Bus Traffic Enforcement Train-the-Trainer course. Read More »