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Bike trips increase by 22% in San Francisco

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) bike counter based on Market Street tallied more than 1 million bike trips on the road for this year. The bike counter is visible and located between 9th Street and 10th Street. This is a sign of significant progress for the city’s bicycling population. There were precisely 1,036,822 bike trips specifically at the location. Read More »

San Francisco tow fees lowered for victims of stolen cars

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency announced Thursday that victims of stolen cars that are then towed will be given special favor when they seek to recover their vehicles in the city. For the residents of the City of San Francisco, the new policy is designed to waive all of the recovery fees. There will be a new 48-hour grace period before fees start adding up. Read More »

First raised bike lane finished in San Francisco

The first raised bike lane was recently completed in San Francisco, and the city is currently conducting a demonstration project based on Market Street’s eastbound route. The Raised Bikeway Demonstration Project, the San Francisco Transportation Agency and San Francisco Public Works are looking to launch a new kind of bike upgrade for two blocks on Market Street. Read More »

SFMTA begins Powell Street Safety and Sidewalk Improvement Pilot

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency recently launched the Powell Street Safety and Sidewalk Improvement Pilot. The goal is to study the restricted access that is granted only to private automobiles on Powell Street. Analysts will use the new information to improve the safety of the area for pedestrians and to improve the traffic congestion that affects cable cars. Read More »

SFMTA joins First Annual National Apprenticeship Week

The new program, the first by San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, will train electricians, maintenance and auto machinists, and transit power line workers. Attendees can begin their apprenticeships in July 2016. “The apprenticeship program is a crucial investment in the future of Muni,” Tom Nolan, Chairman of the SFMTA Board of Directors, said. Read More »

San Francisco railway project bringing new round of street closures

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) said track and infrastructure work on the Central Subway will affect traffic and transit on 4th and King streets and nearby areas during November. The construction project will include track work as well as upgrades to infrastructure. The project is expected to begin at 10 p.m. Nov. 6 and end the evening of Nov. 14. Read More »

San Francisco may extend commuter shuttle program

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA), which is responsible for all ground transportation within San Francisco, said Tuesday it wants to improve its regulation of private commuter shuttles.The SFMTA suggests that it continue its current regulatory role past January 31, 2016, which is when its Commuter Shuttle Pilot Program ends. Read More »

San Francisco promotes safety through traffic-calming measures

Officials say Home Zone projects like this refocus areas to address concerns of walkability and prevent speeding. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) used speed humps, narrowed roadways and raised crosswalks to make a Home Zone, in which traffic-calming measures are implemented to make pedestrians and bicyclists the first priority.  Read More »