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ATA reduces truck tonnage index

The ATA recently reduced its For-Hire Truck Tonnage Index by 0.9 percent to make its advanced seasonal adjustment. The index was previously increased by 1.8 percent in October. The index amounted to 134.3 for the month of November. This is a decrease from the initial 135.5 figure for the month of October. This figure also shows that the index is 1.1 percent beneath the record high. Read More »

Large truckload carriers report increase in second driver turnover

Large truckload carriers recently reported that they have experienced an increase in second quarter driver turnover rates, amounting to 87 percent; in spite of this three percent increase, the 87 percent is still less than the most recent average: this figure is at its lowest point ever since 2011’s second quarter, and it is also below the average of 95 percent from the year 2014. Read More »