Crews to build new off-ramp from SR 520 to Lake Washington Boulevard

Crews with the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) will soon finish constructing a new off-ramp that will allow drivers to travel from westbound State Route 520 directly to Lake Washington Boulevard. The new off-ramp will be open Wednesday and cross the bridge on 24th Avenue East in order to give drivers access to Lake Washington Boulevard. Read More »

WSF launches fourth new Olympic Class ferry

Washington State Ferries (WSF) will launch the construction of its fourth new Olympic Class ferry, which is receiving funds from the Connecting Washington package for transportation finances, in Jan. Officials from the WSF recently signed a Notice to Proceed agreement with Vigor Industrial, a shipbuilder company. The agreement is for the shipbuilder’s construction on the ferry. Read More »

Seattle makes sidewalk closures during construction a last resort

The SDOT established a new rule Monday that makes closing sidewalks for construction a last resort. The new rule, called "Pedestrian Mobility Around Work Zones Director’s Rule," introduces new standards and practices for construction that will limit the need for sidewalk closures. This includes new standards for the types of materials that can be used and where they can be placed. Read More »

Seattle's South Lake Union receives transit system upgrade

In March 2016, improvements to the transit system in Seattle's South Lake Union neighborhood will begin, making travel to, from and within the neighborhood easier. Some of the changes being implemented by the Seattle DOT and King County Metro improve conditions as the transit stops, such as displays of accurate transit arrival times, new shelters and wider sidewalks. Read More »

Testing continues on Seattle tunneling machine

A new round of testing began Tuesday for the Washington State Route 99 tunneling machine "Bertha" near Pier 48 as it installed a tunnel ring at the bottom of a 120-foot-deep access pit. STP plans to dig a little farther in the access pit tunnel before stopping for the holidays. Digging resumes after Jan. 1 and continues toward a planned maintenance stop 450 feet farther north. Read More »

New members needed for Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board

The Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board opened its application process for several new members. There are currently four positions that are open to applicants. The board members themselves must be frequent pedestrians. Applicants must reside in various regions in Seattle. The goal of the board is to make Seattle a safe and easy city for pedestrians. Read More »

WDOT hopes to reopen White Pass in time for Xmas

Crews working with the Washington Department of Transportation (WDOT) are working to reopen White Pass in time for Christmas. The main section of repairs is taking place to the west of White Pass, where most of the damage occurred from a washout. Still, the destruction located at milepost 141 is nearly repaired; filling material is based approximately half up the pass. Read More »

WSDOT gains funds for local airports

The Washington State Department of Transportation recently gained $35.3 million from federal airport aid to improve local airports. In 2015, WSDOT received more backing for public-use airports. In order to gain the $35.3 million, WSDOT officials needed to leverage $1.3 million in funds from the state. In addition, WSDOT gained $637,000 in aircraft excise tax fees. Read More »

Safety emphasized at First Hill Streetcar Safety Day

The “First Hill Streetcar Safety Day" took place Thursday to emphasize safety features in Metro streetcars. The event was held at the Broadway & Denny, Occidental & Jackson and 14th & Washington streetcar stations. At the event, streetcar operators sat with stationary streetcars and people were encouraged to board the streetcars in order to see the new features. Read More »

New bus stop added for Seattle’s Third Avenue

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) and King County Metro Transit have partnered to install a new bus stop at Third Avenue, where it connects to Union Street and Pike Street. The two stops will split the busiest bus stop in the area. The new stop sign will become effective Nov. 23. Approximately 25,000 people use the buses at this specific stop every day. Read More »

Seattle seeking feedback on Ballard light rail plan

Seattle's Department of Transportation and Department of Planning and Development will holdi an open house Nov. 18 to seek feedback about ongoing development as Sound Transit prepares for a new light rail line to Ballard. The departments are working with nonprofits and neighborhood groups to create a study recommending improvements for multimodal transportation in the area. Read More »

Expansion joints replaced on I-5 Union Slough bridge in Washington

Construction crews recently finished work to fix roadway ruts and replace 10 aging bridge expansion joints on I-5’s Union Slough bridge near Everett, Washington. The project is part of an overall bridge preservation project that will replace 41 expansion joints on bridges located from Everett to Marysville, crossing over Steamboat, Union, and Ebey sloughs. Read More »