Utah issues 2015 report on infrastructure

Utah recently issued its 2015 report on the state’s infrastructure, giving the state a grade of C+ while saying it is at a crossroads not previously faced in its history.

The state is experiencing rises in population density as well as rapid changes in residents’ lifestyles, with urbanization becoming more popular. As a result the state's infrastructure, currently a blend of old and new, needs to shift from agrarian to urban.

Experts estimate that over the next 20 years, the state will need more than $60 billion to maintain its infrastructure while accounting for its growth in other areas. Because federal funding is continually decreasing, officials say the state must be self-sufficient and independent as it plans, finances and implements its changing infrastructure.

The Utah Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers sponsored the 2015 Report Card, which is an independent overview of the state’s infrastructure needs and its funding capabilities. The goal of the report is to show Utah residents that infrastructure is an important part of the state's condition as the area transitions to more modern lifestyle demands.