TRAC approves new Jobs and Transportation Plan projects

TRAC recently approved a slew of upcoming projects for the Jobs and Transportation Plan.

This marks the third year of implementation for the plan. Initially launched in 2013, the plan rapidly spent over $1 billion in improving the state’s infrastructure.

The projects, which improve the state’s economy, infrastructure and jobs, have cost over $2 billion in investments. The results should last for years to come.

The projects for the coming months include reconstructing Route 23 in Franklin County. Construction crews will create a new interchange at State Route 16 in Licking County. They will also add a third lane to Interstate 70, from State Route 72 to US Route 68 in Clark County. Belmont County will gain a newly reconstructed Interstate 70 at US Route 40 and State Route 331. The interchange on Interstate 71 and Western Row Road will also be upgraded.

Projects still under construction include the MLK Blvd. interchange in southwest Ohio, Portsmouth Bypass in southeast Ohio, the widening of I-75 in northwest Ohio, the expansion of I-80 in eastern Ohio, improving the Opportunity Corridor in Cleveland, the North Outerbelt project in central Ohio and the Innerbelt Bridge in Cleveland.

Additional information, such as a list of all of TRAC’s approved projects for Ohio, can be found online.