Transportation Safety Board of Canada celebrates 25th anniversary

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) celebrated its 25th anniversary on Sunday.

Parliament created the TSB on March 29, 1990, to investigate pipeline, aviation, marine and rail accidents. Since that time, the board has become an independent investigative organization with a focus on ensuring the safety of the Canadian transportation system.

Thanks to TSB, most of the aircraft used today are required to carry terrain awareness and warning systems, safe towing procedures when towing small boats in ice-filled waters were established, railway companies must use safety measures to prevent derailments and pipelines are engineered and designed to withstand the toughest elements.

The TSB has been a significant contributor to investigations concerning Queen of the North, Swiss Air 111, LacMegantic, and Cougar 91 incidents, as well as several other safety concerns.

"Throughout the years, we have conducted major investigations and have been at the forefront of important changes to the transportation industry," TSB Chair Kathy Fox said. "Our raison d'etre hasn't changed — we investigate transportation accidents to find out what happened and why, with a view to ensuring those accidents never happen again. And we don't shy away from putting a spotlight on critical safety issues."