South Boston emergency transportation reconfiguration to be extended

Boston Mayor Martin Walsh on Tuesday announced that the South Boston Emergency Transportation Reconfiguration that took effect on Feb. 14 will be extended through June 1.

The ETR has made several streets in South Boston one-way in an effort to improve public safety after the record amount of snow that Boston received over a 30-day period. Even-numbered streets became westbound and odd-numbered streets became eastbound. Main roads remained two-way streets.

The city will host two community meetings over the next two months to determine if making the reconfiguration permanent is the right decision for the neighborhood. One meeting will be at Condon Elementary School and the other will be at the Tynan Elementary School. Further meeting details will be announced soon.

"We've received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from South Boston residents about how the emergency reconfiguration has relieved traffic congestion and increased public safety," Walsh said. "I look forward to engaging in a robust discussion with the community on the future of these neighborhood streets."

South Boston residents are encouraged to contact the mayor’s office with feedback about the reconfiguration by calling 617-635-4500 or emailing