4ONE seeks Congressional funding for public transportation

4ONE, a joint venture between USSC Group and Freedman Seating Company, has asked Congress to pledge continued funding for a federal transportation bill that is due to expire May 31.

4ONE joined transportation and community leaders nationwide in the “Stand Up for Transportation Day” event Thursday sponsored by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) to encourage passage of sustainable legislation to fund infrastructure improvement. The group is urging Congress to renew the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21) before the end of May.

Without a long-term commitment by our government to improve transportation, officials feel that jurisdictions are disproportionately challenged in maintaining the existent infrastructure or planning new projects.

“I am deeply concerned about the uncertainty we face without long-term, sustainable investment in public transportation,” USSC Group's North America Managing Director Ray Melleady said. “Without a long-term federal funding bill, it is impossible for us to plan for the future, even as we struggle to keep our transportation services in a state of good repair. 4ONE strongly urges the U.S. Congress to enact a new multi-year authorization bill that provides dedicated funding through the Highway Trust Fund to help grow our local economy.”

To bring public transit and road systems up to an adequate repair standard would require $160 billion, according to APTA. The lack of funding creates an atmosphere of insecurity, discourages investment and hinders job creation.

“The transportation system is the life blood of the community…for people from all walks of life,” Freedman Seating's Executive Vice President Dan Cohen said.