Tennessee officials announce $1.2 billion transportation program

An approximately $1.2 billion transportation program was revealed by Gov. Bill Haslam and Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) Commissioner John Schroer on Thursday.

This transition program will last from 2016-18 and adds two projects to the 2016 list that consists of a large number of delayed projects from 2015. According to the report from Haslam's office, amid uncertainty in federal funding for transportation and infrastructure the department could lose up to four months of federal funds should a new funding bill not be passed by Congress. The current funding mechanism is set to expire at the end of May. 

“TDOT is continuing its long held ‘pay-as-you-go’ philosophy, and this three-year plan reflects our state’s ongoing commitment to remain debt free on our roads,” Haslam said. “The department’s conservative approach also ensures that projects already under construction won’t be negatively impacted by decisions out of Washington.”

The two projects that were added consist of pavement of State Route 66 in Hamblen County and a right of way acquisition of a portion of SR 13 in Montgomery County to support the eventual construction of a facility for the Hankook Tire Company. The investments included in this program include 39 county specific projects and 15 projects statewide.

“At this critical juncture in federal transportation funding, TDOT’s priority must be maintaining our existing pavement and bridges rather than new projects,” Schroer said. “We must also prepare for the reality of possible continued delays to the projects in our building program.”