McLeod Software makes core transportation software upgrade

McLeod Software recently released a major upgrade for its core transportation software, including PowerBroker, LoadMaster and LoadMaster LTL products, providing users a greater variety of functions and capabilities.

The upgrade includes a wide variety of improvements for logistics companies and carriers as they manage many different kinds of intermodal shipments. With the upgrade, McLeod's new master order system will make it simpler to manage multiple transportation orders with multiple deliveries, containers, dray moves and even rail moves. All of these order components can now be handled with just one customer order.

The McLeod LoadMaster and PowerBroker systems use the upgrade to handle fast and easy communications between drivers. They can now send information and messages with email or SMS text. Messages can easily be correlated with specific movements or orders. To find previous messages, users can even filter the messages and orders by date, driver or user. These novel features will help McLeod customers to communicate more efficiently with detailed, concise information to their drivers.

In addition, the LoadMaster LTL Cross Dock Manager can now display more trip details with new tendered dates. These help auditors determine the age of the shipments when they are routing outbound shipments. The LoadMaster upgrade also has a new Key Performance Indicators Dashboard to provide customers with real-time metrics, like quotes, totals, bills and pickups. All of these shipment updates can be seen throughout the day.