Clean Fuel bill passes California committee

A bill introduced by state Assemblyman Henry Perea (D-Fresno) to allocate funding from the Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology program and the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reduction Fund to support disadvantaged communities in California passed the Transportation Committee Tuesday.

Supporting these areas with low-carbon based fueling will help the environmental and public health of these areas and will act as a boost for the local economy, Perea said.

“AB 1176 provides a wonderful opportunity for state policymakers to achieve immediate and tangible air quality benefits for residents living in disadvantaged communities,” Propel Fuels CEO Rob Elam said. “The added benefit is that, while significantly reducing GHG and criteria pollutant emissions for these residents, AB 1176 provides a cost-effective way for thousands of Californians of moderate- or low-income means to join California's low carbon economy, making significant contributions towards the state’s environmental and public health objectives.”

The U.S. Department of Energy has claimed that renewable diesel fuel has comparable or better performance than conventional fuel and renewable varieties have up to 70 percent fewer carbon emissions.

“It’s important we deploy projects in the communities most impacted by pollution and GHG emissions,” Perea said. “Increased funding for these projects ensure our families are breathing cleaner air, and create good-paying jobs.”