Georgia governor signs transportation bill

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal signed a bill to improve transportation funding mechanisms into law Monday.

The law provides revenue streams for the state to manage its infrastructure and transportation needs. An earlier report stated there was a $2 billion shortfall in infrastructure and transportation funding.

One facet of the law is an annual fee charged to individuals and businesses that use electric or alternative fuel cars. This measure also repeals state tax credits for those who drive electric or low-emissions vehicle. A fee between $50 and $100 will also be charged to commercial trucking vehicles based on weight.

“We’ve reached the point where we can no longer keep up with the growing infrastructure demand that encourages job creation, maintains our businesses’ bottom lines and takes us home to our families," Deal said. "This investment reflects our modern-day population and current infrastructure usage. Today, we are ensuring that Georgia’s economic engine will remain running for generations to come. I commend the courage of the General Assembly for tackling this issue head-on and prioritizing public safety and future growth over politics.”

The bill also stipulates additional taxes on fuel and travel expenses, such as hotel and airline tickets for those who visit the state.