S.F. subway system to launch double-stop feature at 3 stations

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority (SFMTA) said on Thursday that double stopping begins on Sunday, May 24, in select subway stations.

The double-stopping feature schedules two trains to make stops and pick up passengers simultaneously. SFMTA aims to use this method to alleviate congestion and improve rider safety on subway platforms. Inbound trains at Montgomery, Civic Center and Powell stations will offer the feature at the outset at peak hours on platforms that are long enough to handle two trains at the same time.

“Our crews have been working diligently preparing this upgrade of our train-control system to allow for safe double stopping,” Ed Reiskin, SFMTA's director of transportation, said. “Over the years, Muni riders have voiced a desire to be able to get off the train when it reaches their destination, rather than being held at the platform waiting for the train in front of them to clear the station. This new feature will help riders get to where they’re going faster and better manage congestion in the station.”

The first train will pull as far forward as possible to allow passengers to enter and exit the train, then the second train will pull directly behind and allow passengers to exit the train. As the first train departs, the second one will take its place and allow passengers to board.