Connecticut budget deal adds billions for transportation

Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy said Sunday that his office and legislative leaders reached a budget agreement on funding the largest investment in transportation in the state's history.
The agreement will ensure a $2.8 billion increase over the next five years for infrastructure. The increase, combined with planned capital spending and federal aid, will mean approximately $10 billion will be used in the next five years to make repairs and enhancements to the state's transportation infrastructure.

“Working with House and Senate leaders, we were able to come to this historic agreement where we fund transportation for nearly a decade and provide car tax and property tax relief,” Malloy said. “I want to thank our partners in the General Assembly for their hard work and commitment on these important issues.”

Part of the budgeting plan will take a half of a cent from sales tax and utilize the funds for road, rail and other transportation related repairs and projects.
"We’re able to make the biggest investment in transportation ever - and we’re able to achieve that without burdening the middle class," Malloy said. " When I took office, we had few shovel-ready projects and our failure to invest over the decades has artificially held back our economy. However, the smart decisions we make in this agreement now will deliver a brighter future for Connecticut in the long run. "