Texas governor signs transportation bills

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed two bills into law on Tuesday in Dallas that aim to improve the state's transportation infrastructure and ensure commerce and commuters keep on moving on Texas roads.

During the ceremony, which overlooked an ongoing road construction project, Abbott discussed how investing in transportation infrastructure is crucial to the region, emphasizing the number of transportation infrastructure investments made during this legislative session. Previously, in his State of the State speech, Abbott declared the state’s infrastructure to be an emergency initiative.

Along with signing  House Bill 20, which creates a performance-based transportation planning process to ensure funds are spent wisely, and House Bill 2612, which authorizes a study on toll roads' effectiveness,  Abbott voiced his support for SJR 5, which would constitutionally allocate a specific portion from the state sales tax and motor vehicle sales tax into the state highway fund. SJR 5 will be on the November ballot.

“At the outset of this legislative session, I called for investing in infrastructure and declared transportation an emergency item so the State of Texas could continue growing jobs, alleviate the strain on its roadways and allow Texans to lead more productive lives,” Abbott said. “Today, I’m proud to sign my transportation initiative into law to ensure we reduce congestion, increase safety, properly maintain our transportation system and keep Texans moving for decades to come.”