Virginia initiates scoring process for transportation funding

Gov. Terry McAuliffe recently announced that a new, data-driven scoring process will be used to fund transportation projects for Virginia.

This was the result of several months’ worth of meetings as well as input from regional and local governments. After this process, the Commonwealth Transportation (CTB) approved the new process, which will score projects to offer the CTB the optimum information to choose which transportation projects receive funding first.

“The scoring process is about investing tax dollars in the projects that will generate the greatest return on investment for Virginians in terms of easing congestion and stimulating economic growth,” McAuliffe said. “I was proud to work with Speaker (William) Howell and the General Assembly to pass the legislation that established this scoring process so that we can make transportation planning decisions based on sound data, not on the political whims that have defined our process for too long. This new process will improve our transportation decision-making so that we can invest in the infrastructure we need to build a new Virginia economy.”

Transportation Secretary Aubrey Lane said House Bill 2 will improve transparency and accountability because the public will know how projects scored and the decisions behind the CTB’s project selections.