Maryland governor commits $1.97 billion to transportation projects

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan said on Thursday that he has carried out his campaign promise to offer more funding for state-owned roads and highways by allocating $1.97 billion to bridges and highways from the Eastern Shore to Western Maryland.

The highest-priority projects will begin by 2018: $1.35 billion will be spent on new construction projects, and $625 million will be designated for existing projects. Out of the initial $1.35 billion for new projects, $845 million will be dedicated to major projects and $500 million to improving roads and fixing bridges.

“Today, I’m delivering on my promise to provide nearly $2 billion in funding to our highways and bridges across the state,” Hogan said. “This investment not only will move long-awaited highway projects into construction, so that Maryland families and businesses will benefit from safer, smoother roads, but also it will address every single structurally deficient bridge in the state. Building, maintaining and fixing Maryland’s roads and bridges is a top priority of our administration.

“I have always said this decision was never about whether public transit was worthwhile, but whether it is affordable and makes sense,” Hogan said. “In reducing costs here, hundreds of millions of dollars will become available for other important projects. Our administration promised to chart a new course for Maryland – one where economic development and jobs are our top priority."