Crowdsourcing event-transit firm RYDE launches service after test run

RYDE, which recently ended its Beta testing period, officially launched its transportation-crowdsourcing web application for people traveling to live events, the company said on Monday.

The application allows per-capita seating on motorcoaches. This transportation will provide a way for people to attend sports, music festivals, concerts and similar events.

“The value proposition to the event attendee and the event owner is both simple and significant, as RYDE minimizes the hassle and expense associated with driving to and parking at crowded venues. It’s a frustration that most of us have experienced at one time or another, and our goal is to eliminate this hurdle to attending an event,” Brian Allman, founder and CEO of RYDE, said. “RYDE extends the overall event experience to the transportation process while allowing like-minded RYDErs to socialize and begin the fun and party atmosphere as they travel to the event. We’re pleased we can help enhance the overall event satisfaction, and our ridesharing also contributes to improved road safety with respect to zero-tolerance laws, and reduces the environmental impact of individual cars traveling to the venue.”

“We chose RYDE for long-distance shuttling for SnowGlobe 2014 to help us address the environmental impact of putting on a large event, and our successful partnership brought nine busloads of fans from the Bay Area up to South Lake Tahoe,” Chad Donnelly, founder of the SnowGlobe Music Festival, said. “RYDE brought outstanding customer service, marketing and communication processes to the table, and we’re signed up for 2015 and looking for even greater participation by our fans.”