CDOT improves I-70 for winter months

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) recently confirmed its three-fold winter strategy for the Interstate 70 Mountain Corridor between Frisco and Colorado 470 to improve safety for drivers during the coming winter months.

The strategy is designed to reduce fatalities and injuries because of the winter weather. The CDOT has also decreased the number of eastbound delays and closure times.

The improvements on I-70 include a 16 percent decrease of unplanned closure time, a 46 percent reduction in weather-related crashes, a 35 percent decrease in fatal crashes and injuries, and a 26 percent reduction in delays along the eastbound route.

“We were pleased that the strategies we have and continue to implement are making a difference in the I-70 experience for all travelers,” Ryan Rice, director of transportation systems management and operations for CDOT, said. “By improving our operations and educating the public on how they can stay safe during their drive, we can save lives and reduce the frustrations travelers experience during a trip in the mountains.

“An accident that takes just 10 minutes to clear can delay traffic up to one hour,” Rice said. “Our partnership with the Colorado State Patrol helped to reduce the impact accidents had on the corridor significantly this year. And drivers also played their part. By checking your tires, moving your car after an accident, driving safely around plows and carpooling, you, the I-70 weekend warriors, helped improve I-70 this winter.”