Mobility-services firms RideScout, GlobeSherpa agree to merger

RideScout, a mobile app that enables users to compare and search for ground-transportation options on demand, said on Tuesday that it has acquired GlobeSherpa, a leader in the mobile solutions market for public transportation that uses mobile book-and-pay ticketing for several major cities in the U.S., including San Francisco, Portland and Chicago.

Integrating the transit mobile-ticketing technology from GlobeSherpa will allow RideScout to further advance its booking, access and payment options. Combining the two companies will give users a more comprehensive solution panel for an integrated mobility ecosystem.

“As the transportation landscape becomes more crowded, both the user and mobility service providers are looking for a more seamless experience,” Joseph Kopser, RideScout's co-founder and CEO, said. “Integrating mobile ticketing for public and private transportation is critical as we continue to innovate on a central platform for booking, payment and access to all services. We are thrilled to welcome GlobeSherpa into the RideScout family and, together, shape transportation for the 21st century.”

“RideScout has established a brand and technology that embody the future of transportation,” Nat Parker, GlobeSherpa's CEO and co-founder, said. “By bringing our teams together, GlobeSherpa is positioned to have the resources and scale to deliver comprehensive solutions that advance our vision for an integrated commute – where access to information, payment, and mobility services are organized intelligently on your mobile device.”

The acquisition terms have not been revealed to the public.