Iowa DOT joins Instagram

Iowa DOT joins Instagram.
Iowa DOT joins Instagram. | Courtesy of Shutterstock
The Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) recently added Instagram to its list of social media platforms; many people in Iowa are accustomed to receiving regular updates from Iowa’s DOT from Twitter or Facebook, and gradually the DOT’s social media platforms have gained in popularity, becoming Iowans’ best communication tools with the state’s DOT.

The agency recently joined Instagram for people who are more visual. The Instagram account will be used to explain to people how and why the DOT does its road work.

“Our vision is to become a more customer-driven agency,” Andrea Henry, director of the Office of Strategic Communications, the office in charge of the DOT’s social media, said. “We have been using social media to interact with customers and answer their questions or concerns quickly. When we first started using social media, it was common for people to be surprised when we responded on Twitter or Facebook. Now, the public has come to expect quick responses to their questions. In adding Instagram, we want to tell the story of the important role transportation plays in the daily lives of our customers. We plan to give the owners of Iowa’s transportation system a peek inside how the agency works to continuously improve the system to better meet their needs.”