MARTA launches customer rewards program

According to a recent announcement, MARTA has chosen to launch a customer rewards program as a way to reward its loyal customers who ride the system on a regular basis.

The new program began Friday and lasts until Sept. 14. Customers with MARTA are able to use the program to earn free, round-trip Breeze tickets. The rewards are based on how many trips the customers make throughout the promotion period.

Qualifying customers are those who travel 60 to 100 or more trips throughout the 30 days. These customers will all earn between two to four Breeze tickets, each valued at $5.50. These tickets can be used at the discretion of the winners.

“Ideally, reward customers would give their free Breeze tickets to a friend, family member or colleague who does not ride MARTA as a way to introduce them to riding MARTA,” Ryland McClendon, the assistant general manager of External Affairs, said.

Specifically, people who travel 60-80 trips will earn two Breeze tickets. People who travel 81-100 trips will earn three Breeze tickets. People who travel 101 or more trips will earn four Breeze tickets. All of these trips must occur within the 30-day promotion period.

Customers will not be allowed any “pass backs” to rise their trip numbers.