Associated General Contractors of Missouri backs expert testimony bill in the 'Show Me State'

Denise Hasty
Denise Hasty | LinkedIn
The Associated General Contractors of Missouri has come out in support of legislation that the organization says would strengthen expert witness standards by adopting the "Daubert Standard" for state trial evidence in Missouri courts. 

"The Associated General Contractors (AGC) of Missouri believe SB 591 will have a positive effect on businesses in Missouri," wrote Denise Hasty, vice president, advocacy and public relations for AGC of Missouri, in an email to legislators this week. "As the 'Show Me State', Missouri hasn’t kept pace with the rest of the nation in adopting the rule of evidence that’s applied in the Federal courts and in most states courts in our nation, creating a somewhat unpredictable legal environment."

The AGC of Missouri joins a number of state business organizations, including the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and state National Federation of Independent Business chapter, in supporting SB 591.

"SB 591 would ensure that individuals presenting expert opinion testimony would be vetted for reliability based on facts and date, principles and methods and on application of the principles and methods to the facts of the case," wrote Hasty in her email.

The AGC of Missouri represents over 500 businesses that are commercial, industrial, heavy and highway contractors, industry partners and related firms spanning 110 counties in the Missouri.