U.S. begins national tween seat belt campaign

A recent announcement from the Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) stated that it has launched its first national advertising campaign for parents of tweens (ages 8-14) and seat belt safety. The campaign encourages parents of tweens to ensure that the youths properly and consistently wear their seat belts when the vehicle is moving. Focus groups with NHTSA discovered that many tired parents do not enforce seat belt use when they drive their chi Read More »

OMVS seeks partner to develop trucking software

On the Move Systems (OMVS) recently announced that it has started searching for a new partner to assist in developing a novel, on-demand software for trucking. The purpose of the software is to connect logistics inventory, business applications, and end-customers via OMVS. This will simplify the process of requesting personal, local freight carriers when people need assistance. The new software, which will be added to the company’s ISTx platform, will streamline the company. Read More »

States and cities push for federal transportation dollars as tank runs near empty

U.S. governors and mayors warned lawmakers on Tuesday that allowing federal Highway Trust Fund dollars to run dry would have a crippling effect on their ability to pay for critical infrastructure projects. Current highway funding legislation expires on May 31, and in the face of uncertainty surrounding the law’s reauthorization, a number of states and local governments are postponing or cancelling projects that would rebuild deteriorating roads, bridges and transit systems. Read More »