S.F. subway system to launch double-stop feature at 3 stations

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority (SFMTA) said on Thursday that double stopping begins on Sunday, May 24, in select subway stations.The double-stopping feature schedules two trains to make stops and pick up passengers simultaneously. SFMTA aims to use this method to alleviate congestion and improve rider safety on subway platforms. Read More »

Pennsylvania agency orders Protran railway worker safety system

Protran Technology, a company with Harsco Rail and an industry leader with warning devices and advanced safety technology, said on Tuesday that it has received a significant railway safety technology order from the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), which is the operator of America’s sixth-biggest rapid-transit system by ridership. Read More »

Canadian official: Nation's transportation industry must innovate, evolve

Lisa Raitt, Canada's minister of transport, said on Monday at the Canadian Transportation Research Forum's 50th annual conference that the nation's transportation industry needs innovation and adaptability. The conference focused on the importance of preparation for future challenges that the Canadian government and transportation industry will face. Read More »

On the Move developing app to track commercial trucking data

On the Move Systems said on Tuesday that it is developing an application that will allow trucking companies to take advantage of analytics and engage in data collection to schedule and route vehicles. The company said the app is a shared-economy platform that can manage the data that is crucial in the commercial shipping industry and difficult to monitor with current means. Read More »

Data Comm system helps manage air traffic in New York area

Data Communications (Data Comm), a NextGen technology that helps coordinate the busy airspace in the New York City area, especially in bad weather, will help air travelers and businesses as they travel this summer. With the warmer summer months comes vacation travel for families and businesses. Also with summer weather come thunderstorms that are disruptive to flight plans and itineraries. Read More »

Copper cable theft closes entire New York City subway line

Thousands of Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) New York City Transit subway riders were left without transportation after someone stole the copper cable from the "A" line tracks near Howard Beach, Queens. Workers are laboring to restore service on the line soon. The delay caused a domino effect for other travelers throughout the day, and these residual delays will take some time to disappear entirely. Read More »