After gas tax fails, Michigan seeks another option for roads

Michigan’s Proposal 1, which would have raised the gas tax to 42 cents per gallon to pay for repairs to the state’s roads, failed by a landslide on Tuesday. More than three-fourths of voters in Michigan voted against the proposal to raise money for roads, as few as 17 percent of which were found to be in “good” condition by the Michigan Transportation Asset Management Council. The question of what to do now lingers. Read More »

Improving truck and bus traffic law enforcement seen as key to safer roads

U.S. transportation leaders are beginning to take more active steps to strengthen truck and bus traffic enforcement in order to make safety a higher priority. Law enforcement trainers recently gathered at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s ( FMCSA) national Training Center for the initial offering of the Large Truck and Bus Traffic Enforcement Train-the-Trainer course. Read More »