Nevada finishes post-earthquake bridge inspections, finds them safe

Staff from the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) said on Monday that they concluded their bridge inspections after an earthquake that occurred recently in Caliente, Nevada, and found no bridges that were unfit for travel. The staff spent 160 hours inspecting the bridges located within a 50-mile radius of the earthquake’s epicenter. The earthquake measured at least a 5.0 magnitude. Read More »

On the Move developing app to track commercial trucking data

On the Move Systems said on Tuesday that it is developing an application that will allow trucking companies to take advantage of analytics and engage in data collection to schedule and route vehicles. The company said the app is a shared-economy platform that can manage the data that is crucial in the commercial shipping industry and difficult to monitor with current means. Read More »

OMVS seeks partner to develop trucking software

On the Move Systems (OMVS) recently announced that it has started searching for a new partner to assist in developing a novel, on-demand software for trucking. The purpose of the software is to connect logistics inventory, business applications, and end-customers via OMVS. This will simplify the process of requesting personal, local freight carriers when people need assistance. The new software, which will be added to the company’s ISTx platform, will streamline the company. Read More »